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Posted 2/16/2020

I am going to use my industry as an example because I know it well, but it works the same in every industry.  Why is the $15 hr Min Wage a problem for small business?  In my business the customer wants our office open year around in case they want to discuss a change in their life, receive a letter or even an audit.  In order for that to happen we need a clerical person full time.  $15 per hour x 2,080 equals annual wage of $31,200.  Add another 10% for Workman Comp, Unemployment, Employer portion of Social Security and Medicare and you are spending $34,320 for front desk support.  We need about $15,000 in software, cyber insurance, professional liability insurance, technology equipment and supplies just to get the season started (probably low).  So, just to start I need $49,320 to begin work (34,320 + 15,000).  In my industry the normal workload for a CPA/EA is 400 returns.  Our base rate starts at $130 and goes up from there.  If every return cost $130 and 400 is a normal workload, then revenue is $52,000.  Subtract the Clerical Support and Supplies of $49,320 and you are left with $2,680 to pay utilities, real estate taxes and building insurance.   At these rates the accountant has yet to make a dime for preparation of 400 returns.  The math doesn’t work and it is why the cost of a meal at a restaurant or the cost of a tax return or even a hair cut will increase.  Small businesses are especially being hit hard.  Its either go big or go home as the economies of scale are killing the small mom and pop business.  Unfortunately the same people that beat the drum for higher wages are also the ones that complain the most about fees.  So, the next time you are thinking about ripping into a small business owner over their pricing, make sure you know what you are talking about.  Small business owners have had enough of the hypocrisy of the left.  We are entitled to make a living without continually justifying it.